A Life of Balance: Personal, Relational & Spiritual Wellness Through Collaboration, Psychotherapy, Training & Lecture

“Working to heal the What within the whom”

Matthew HKoch, Marriage & Family Therapist, Inc.

Confronting the challenges that accompany our lives can be daunting and result in a deviation from the direction we expect of ourselves and others. I am here to assist you in the process to increase your awareness and gain more meaningful and fulfilling experiences in your life through counseling and psychotherapy. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) offering mental health services and group interventions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to individuals, families, couples, groups, and organizations. My goal as a mental health professional is to collaborate with my clients and understand how they can more effectively address the particular difficulties in life that are keeping them from reaching greater levels of satisfaction with themselves, their relationships, and their outlooks for the future.  

There are numerous aspects of the human experience that can overwhelm our sense of awareness with regard to what life is supposed to be and the path most fitting to take. Through the therapeutic process that we build together, you will have the opportunity to enhance your self-awareness and accept more profoundly what you want from yourself and your connections with others. The techniques I offer seek to promote growth on various levels of your unique personal experience which can then be incorporated as practical and useful applications in your world.      

              Come roll with the Wheels of Wellness (WoW)